Impostor: Love

The “Fruits of the Spirit” are the 9 markers of every healthy culture, community, and relationship. As with anything great, there are numerous knockoffs, fakes, and impostors that seek to deceive us. During our series, we will dig into the real and dispel the impostors that cripple our culture, community, and relationships.

To kick off our series, we dig into the most elemental and essential characteristic…love. 

God describes Himself as love. He implores us to love others as our self. He even says if we don’t love others, we don’t love Him. 

It cannot be overstated, love is important.

The more important something is, the more impostors there will be. 

Join us as we dig in to dispel impostors and look to Jesus’ words in John 15 for God’s definition of love. 

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