Us and Us: Church for the Rest of Us

The worst four-letter word in the Kingdom is “they” or “them”.

In the Kingdom of God there is only us.

Today we will dig into Paul’s journey into 1st century Athens (Acts 17) and look at the shocking similarities to our own modern-day culture. 

Join us as we dig into what it means to be “church for the rest of us” as we celebrate Restore’s 4th birthday and kick off our new series “Us & Us”.


“Two thousand years ago people thought God was for the
Pharisees. The Pharisees were the religious people who claimed moral superiority.
Then Jesus showed up. And EVERYTHING changed.
Jesus claimed to be God, in the flesh, but He hung out with irreligious people who everyone thought to be morally inferior. Jesus was called a ìfriend of sinnersî because He spent time prostitutes and tax collectors and Roman soldiers. And people began to realize that God wasnít just for the Pharisees, that God was for the rest of us.
Today, somehow people still believe that God is for the religious people who claim moral superiority.
But theyíre wrong.
God is STILL FOR THE REST OF US.” – Vince Antonucci



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