thankFULL: Failure & Truth

Is there a prayer of thanksgiving in seasons of failure?

We expect suffering (external forces complicating life), but what happens when we are faced with our own shortcomings, stupidity, arrogance, bias, prejudice. Simply put…FAILURE.

The core tenets of our faith are to LOVE GOD & LOVE PEOPLE. Every time we fail it is not about the event or act, but about a lack of love of God, and in turn, love of people. Today, we look at a great failure of love for God and people through King David.

What happens when Nathan confronts David on his dehumanization and desecration of Bathsheba, Uriah and ultimately God Himself?

How does David respond? How do I respond to the illumination of my failure?

Why does God challenge David? To damn or to free?

Why does God challenge me? To damn or to free?

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