REMODEL: Throat Punch the Devil

As we journey through the Christian life, all of us face seasons when God strips everything away in hopes that it will narrow our focus onto Him. He does this because he loves us; he does it so he can remind us of our identity and of our inheritance. As we enter these desert seasons, the devil meets us there in an attempt to steal away the very things God has given to us.

It is in the desert that we must take a stand against the enemy.

It is in the desert that we must throat punch the devil.

How to throat punch the Devil:

Hit him hard. Hit him first. Hit him often.

1. Wake up running to Jesus. Run to him early, run to him often. Make him your first
2. Put on the armor of God – get ready for battle because whether you like it or not,
you’re in one.
3. Read God’s word. Know God’s word. Speak God’s word. Share God’s word.
Memorize God’s word.
4. Pray. Speak to God, but also listen.
5. Declare truth over your life, your situation, and your people.
6. Don’t do it alone, we’re better together.

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